An array of web sites are monitored on a daily basis for new reviews: Google, Yelp, Yahoo and YellowPages.  Need more?  We can add almost any site to your profile.  Customizable and powerful!


When your business receives a new review you’ll be notified via email.  It will include a snapshot of the review and recommended action to take based on the type of review you received.


Our performance reports include a detailed run down of all new reviews and a snapshot of your overall rankings for each site.  You will know at a glance how well your online reputation is doing!


It seems like the a disgruntled customer is ten times more likely to tell the world about their experience than a happy customer.  A negative review at the top of a search engine is like a black eye on your business.  It impacts every single person who looks you up on the web.  Some negative reviews remain at the top of search engines for weeks, months or even YEARS.  The problem is dealing with the negative impact AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  With our Black Eye protection we help you deal with the incident before it impacts your reputation!

This is a three fold system that comes into play when a bad review pops up.

  • Urgent Alerts: We make absolutely sure the appropriate people at your business are aware of the issue.  In addition to the standard email alert we send out urgent text alerts and make personal phone calls to your management staff.  We make sure your team is aware of the issue and we won’t stop till the issue is resolved.
  • Removal Review: Many sites have loop holes to get the offending comment removed.  We know the systems and research every negative review.  If it’s at all possible we will get the offending comment removed immediately.
  • Reputation Equalizer: If the comment can not be removed we burry the negative comment with screened positive reviews from your real customers.  New customers won’t be hit in the face with a negative review at the top and your overall rating will NOT suffer.


Already have bad reviews or no reviews at all?  Want to dominate the competition with tons of positive reviews?  Then you need our Reputation Builder. With this proprietary system we get real reviews from your customers and make sure only the good find their way onto the web.  We do this by surveying all new customers in your database each and every week.  When ever we find a customer who is totally satisfied we then invite them to share their experience online!

Most businesses attempt to build their reputation by inviting all of their customers to post a review.  The danger here is that often times customers will give you a less than stellar rating.  By using reputation builder we prescreen and filter out only the good reviews!  This is a specialized and highly effective service that guarantees results!  In addition to building a five star reputation this service is a great way to keep your hand on the pulse of your customers as we send out detailed satisfaction reports of every customer we survey.  It’s a powerful tool to help you insure that not only is your online reputation stellar but every single customer that walks through your doors are customers for life.